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Hot Press-Able Alkaline Remove Type Plating Resist

Plating resist SGC-2500, 2700 is an alkaline removal heat curable plating resist ink and suitable for plating resist of selective board.
SGC-2500 is available to alkaline removal even after hot press in long time and high temperature as well as overcoming a stepped difference between rigid and flexible board after hot press application.
SGC-2700 is very useful for pattern protection in temporary bonding application.

Division SGC-2500 SGC-2700
Color Transparent White
Viscosity(25˚C, VT-04F)PS 150 ~ 250
Curing condition More than 150˚C X 50 min
Removability of coating film 2~5% NaOH water solution, 50˚C
Shelf life(20˚C in a dark Place) 6 months
Major Features Excellent alkaline removing
after hot press
Flexibility Excellent plating resist

* Packing Unit : 1 Kg



Flexible Coating Paste and Flexible solder resist Ink

This is two-components type paste for insulation coating and solder resistance. It is most suitable for PI and PET film because it has excellent adhesion, humidity resistance, flexibility, soldering resistance, and easy operation. SFR-300 Series shall be recommendable to a part required by superior soldering resistance.

Division SFR-300PI□ SFR-200PI□ SFR-500
Color Y=Yellow , B= Blue, C=Black, T=Transparent Green, Brown, Black
Viscosity(25˚C, VT-04F)PS After mixing 50 ~ 120 250 ~ 400 150~300
Pot-life after the mixing at 20˚C 24hr
Curing condition 130 ~ 150˚C X 10~30min 130˚C : 10min over
100˚C : 25min over
90˚C : 30min over
150˚C X 30~60 min
Pencil hardness H
Adhesion 100/100 (PET), 100/100 (PI) , 100/100 (Cu)
After 180degrees bending
spread 1 times
Redundant twice spread
Additional 180˚C heat,
24 minutes and one times

20 to 25 times Micro Cracked outbreak
15 to 20 times Micro Cracked outbreak
15 to 20 times Micro Cracked outbreak
Resistance to molten solder 260˚C X 10sec, 1 time 260˚C X 10sec, 3 times
Surface resistance
(40˚C, 90% RH, 240hr)
Shelf life(20˚C in a dark Place) 6 Months 1 Month
Major Features Flexibility,
Overcoating Paste
Low Temperature Curing,
Excellent adhesion

* Packing Unit : 1, 4 Kg


Strip Mask

SSM-202B is solder masking material to be coated on the lands where soldering is temporarily not required.
This is suitable strip mask on the carbon contact switch.

Division SSM-202B
Color Blue paste
Viscosity(25˚C, VT-04F)PS 400 ~ 500
Curing condition 150˚C X 10~20 min
Resistance to Molten solder 260˚C X 10 sec, 3times
Resistance to reflow 230˚C X 10 sec, 3times
Pencil hardness ≥ H
Electric Insulation resistance 3 X 1010Ω
Application Strip Mask
Shelf life(20˚C in a dark Place) 6 months
Major Features Peelable Easy Process

* Packing Unit : 1 Kg



Permanent Via Plugging Paste

This product is Halogen Free and permanent via plugging paste. It is one component type for via plugging operation, polishing and thermal specificity. And also, it is non-volatile solvent, voids or shrinkage is decreased extremely.

Division SHP-10HF
Color Green, White
Viscosity(25˚C, VT-04F)PS 400 ~ 500
Thixotropy Index
Curing condition 150˚C X 30 min
Post Curing condition 150˚C X 60 min
Acid Resistance 10vol.% H₂SO₄, 20˚C No damage
Alkali resistance 5wt% NaOH, 20˚C No damage
Solvent Resistance
Methylenechloride, 20˚C
No damage
Glass Transition Temperature
(TMA method)
Coefficient of Linear expansion 50ppm(≤Tg)
Shelf life( ≤ 10˚C in a dark Place) 1 month
Major Features Permanent Via Hole Plugging

* Packing Unit : 1 Kg



Protective Coating For Printed Circuit Boards

This is suitable for protecting the copper foil the overall coating of printed circuit boards.

Division PF-501
State Liquid
Color Light yellow
Density 0.985
Solid contents(wt%) 47
Chlorine content (%) 0
Softening point 150˚C
Shelf life (20˚C in a dark place) 6 months

* Packing Unit : 15 Kg



Copper Foil Surface Treatment

SH-205 is suitable for removing all contaminants such as oil finger prints and oxides from the copper surface on PCBs.

Division SH-205
Color White powder
Density (20˚C) 0.963
Application Reduce 10 times by water rinse afterward
Shelf life (20˚C in a dark place) 6 months

* Packing Unit : 20 Kg